Friday, June 13, 2014

CSX Virginia Street Tunnel Construction

Having just read that the tunnel construction will more than likely proceed in the neighborhood, we thought we should take a ride near the area under discussion. We heard vague comments about it over the last couple of years, and figured we would have received specific notification if it affected us personally. So on the way home from lunch we rode around Virginia Avenue - but it was in the Southwest side, and not the Southeast side. For whatever reason, I thought the mess would be occurring in SW only to find out when we got home and looking at the map that was shown in the Washington Post, that it would be the opposite direction. Based on what we saw in SW, the whole thing could use a facelift. There are railroad tracks passing through large swaths of neighborhoods and office buildings. I would not like to look outside my window and see a train passing by just ten feet away, which is not unusual here. Luckily, we are far enough away to avoid the direct inconvenience of this proposed plan, but will more than likely feel the impact of the lost over 100 street parking spaces, lane closures, and noise. Of course this will be a three to five year project to boot. Living in an urban space has it's definite downsides, and this is surely one of them. However, the alternative could potentially be more devastating. 

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