Friday, August 19, 2011

Apple Headset, Stylus, Police and Keys

My husband was in need of a replacement headset for his IPhone, and I needed a smaller stylus to draw on my IPad. So we drove over for lunch in Arlington and then walked over to the ever busy Apple Store. The salesperson asked if we had brought with us the broken headset, as they would have exchanged it on the spot. I had my headset, but mine did not need exchanging. Strike 1. Then I asked if they had a stylus as I could not find any on the floor. He said he would check in the back, and asked if there was a particular color I would like. Of course, green.... they did not have green, but I settled for silver. Strike 1/2. When we came home to park, there were about 5 police cars on the street behind our building, and I saw a policeman going in to the alley. By the time we parked out front, and went to the back to find out what was happening, there were only 2 police cars and nothing eventful happening... probably a good thing? (Although earlier this week, there was a lot of commotion in the neighborhood and a stretcher was taken out of a house with a body bag and body riding on it- so, we were a little more curious than usual about another potential untimely incident.) Then I decided I better weed the little patio garden that has been neglected the last few weeks because it's been so hot to work out there, but the weeds have had no problem adjusting to the extreme heat. When I tried to get back inside the house, the patio door was locked. My husband had gone across the hall over to the other side and locked me out. Thank goodness I knew a way to get back in, but I was really hot and sweaty and about to pass out and didn't need to figure my way back into the house at that time...Strike 3. Maybe I should go back to work? No thanks.
At least the package was green

Capitol Hill Police, DC Police, and Metro Police are always cruising the neighborhood
 A hassle on a very hot day- but good planning ahead!

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