Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lunch in the House

Every few months, my husband comes over to the Library so we can go with a colleague & friend from Florida to lunch in the House Office Building. It's usually an interesting walk through the tunnel over to the Longworth Building. This day was less active than usual, because most of the Congressional staff and staffers were over in the Capitol Building to discuss the debt ceiling bill. But, once we got to the cafe, it started to get busy with tourists and staff ... people do need to eat! There were a few folks who looked rather tired... one young man was sleeping/staring at his pizza. All the House pages were sitting behind us. Apparently, they have stayed to work over the summer because of all the out of ordinary meetings underway. Washington is usually devoid of House and Senate staff at his time of year. Well, sometimes vacation plans get changed - even for them.
Through the Cannon Office Building

The old entrance to the Capitol Building still requires security screening

People still get their shoes shined?

Grab on to the railings- it's slippery going down the ramp

Tourists and Congressional staff

The events of the day are televised in the gift shop


On the way back - no one at the shoe shine stop

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