Sunday, August 28, 2011

SW DC & Anacostia- After the Storm

We had just about enough of being cooped inside the house after the hurricane passed through. So we decided it was time to go out for lunch with our friends, and then explore the Anacostia River. It was a really nice day, although it was still quite windy. We ended up on the SW side of town, along the Anacostia Trail. To our surprise, this is where not only Fort McNair is located, but also a monument to the Titanic, as well as the Police Water Patrol, the port for all the dining boats that go up and down the River, and a very tacky restaurant replete with plastic palm trees. It felt, looked, and smelled like Florida along the beachfront. On the way back, you could say we were on the industrial (?) side of town. It was quite grungy, but interesting none the less. The sun has now returned, and if we hadn't noticed a few fallen trees and scattered branches along the way, you would not have known that a hurricane had passed through. We were lucky.

The dinner cruise ship port

Could be anywhere- except the Washington Monument gives it away

The Presidential Yacht

Did not see the pink flamingo

The Titanic Memorial

The Anacostia River

An interesting view of the Capitol from SW

In the neighborhood - missed the building

On the other side of the street - missed the building!

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