Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

The two grandsons started back to school today - one in California, and one here in DC. One is in the 4th grade and the other is in 3rd grade. Neither one rides the school bus. I rode the bus for about one year in Connecticut - and it felt like the bus stop was so far away from home- until we went back to visit (as an adult) and saw that it was only a block!  Things seem so different from a small person's perspective. Hope the year goes well for all the munchkins out there. Do you remember how it felt going back to school after being off all summer? I don't remember hating it- I think I actually looked forward to it. It hardly matters where you live, these rites of passage are the same everywhere.

I actually rode the bus in Connecticut- for a year, until we moved to Florida

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