Friday, August 12, 2011

A Room With a View

Since the cafeteria is being renovated on the sixth floor of the Madison Building, temporary arrangements have been set up in an alternate site on the sixth floor. This morning we went for a coffee break and sat on the side with the most impressive view. I can't think of a lot of places that could boast this same beautiful landscape. I think this is one of the most striking and recognizable buildings on the planet- and it's just a block away. My colleagues told me that at one time, one could sit on the terrace in the fine weather, and enjoy it even more. Now, the doors and windows are locked tight, and that option is not possible. Wish I could see this from my office. But this is the next best thing - along with the lively conversations that are sparked by looking at it. None of my offices or places of work ever came close to something like this.
What shall we talk about today?

Imagine what's happened in that place over the last many years

A beautiful summer day

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