Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's A Small World - Six Degrees of Separation

My niece, N, who lives with her husband in Sweden, was in Rome on vacation. They met up with her husband's father, and 2 of his father's brothers. One lives in Denmark and the other one lives in the US. She sent an email yesterday that described a conversation they had in Italy that shows an interesting link.

  1. I have a niece, N, who is from Rasht, Iran…. her father is my husband's brother.
  2. She married AG a few years ago and now lives in Lulea, Sweden
  3. AG's Uncle, who lives somewhere in California, visited my niece/husband in Rome ~ 1-2 weeks ago. AG's Uncle's brother from Denmark joined them there too... his son is AG's cousin and is married to N's sister (cousins married to sisters, who are my nieces)
  4. AG's Uncle from California is married to a woman named K
  5. K has a friend who works in the Library of Congress… her name is Z
  6. I work at the Library of Congress
I sent a note to Z to see if there was any validity to this story and this is her response:
  1. Yes, I am Z
  2. K's husband, Ah G, AG's uncle, is my husband's friend
  3. Now, Katy is my friend, and they live in CA/USA
  4. Ah G has relatives in Denmark and Sweden
  5. Ah G and his wife K and family were or are in Europe for vacation
  6. Yes, I work at the Library of Congress, I just started this job Feb 2010 
Very nice to meet you, I hope to see you soon! 

I think I saw her in the ladies restroom this morning, but did not have my wits about me to call her name.... now that would really be a coincidence!

Six places; six connections - and they talked about it in Rome

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