Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What to Write About Today? An Earthquake in DC, Of Course

Just when you think there will not be material to write about for the day, an earthquake arrives. I just returned to work after lunch and sat down at my desk on the third floor, when it felt like the escalator above me fell with a loud crash, then the floor started to sway. As the swaying did not subside, we all ran under a door frame until we decided it was time to evacuate the building. Then the sirens came on. As I have never been in an earthquake, my only thought was it had to be a bomb. We have no windows to look outside, so we thought the worst. Then came word that it was an earthquake. Someone jokingly said Congress finally made a decision, another was passing out religious literature. Obviously, none of our cell phones worked, so after checking in at our designated spot, I went home to see how things were. The wine glasses had swayed, the fish tank had splashed, the chandelier had moved, and a knick knack bird in the kitchen fell off the shelf. Let's hope the foundation didn't crack. But we, our family and neighbors were okay, and that was all that mattered. Things like this always put things in perspective. Since we moved here, we've had more snow than Wisconsin, summer temps higher than Florida, and now an earthquake. Please don't let me see a tornado!
Waiting to hear

Still waiting to hear

All along the street towards home

A calm commotion- the metro stopped running

All the buildings were evacuated

Repent before it's too late

All the buildings need to be checked before it's ok to go back

An earthquake party

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