Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garden Ornament?

We have seen many mattresses put out on the sidewalk- and that usually occurs in the Spring and Fall. They usually stay there for many days before anyone notices or bothers to have them removed. Today is the first toilet we have seen. Let's see how many days it takes to get rid of that. When we lived in Milwaukee, we either had to take this sort of thing to the dump ourselves, pay someone to remove it, or call the city to pick it up. Around here, people just use the sidewalk as their dumping place in hopes that someone in need of it will take it away. For some reason, I don't think this item will be in much demand. Some days it feels like we are surrounded by slobs. Or, perhaps this is someone's idea of an interesting garden ornament?

Right next to the bus stop

How nice!

Glad it's not in our view as it'll be there for a long time

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