Sunday, August 21, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

Along Independence Avenue behind a makeshift fence, we have been watching the building progress  for quite some time on the newest addition to the Mall. The dedication ceremony for the MLK Jr Memorial is this coming Sunday. Before that, an event for DC residents is planned for Tuesday. In order to avoid all the traffic headaches, heat and crowds, we thought we would get a first hand look at the site last evening. We walked along the path of the Tidal Basin, and behind the chain link fence, there it stood. Several other folks had the same idea, and all were snapping photos. It was just dusk, the weather was perfect, and it was indeed a very peaceful place.
Along Independence Avenue ~ 2 weeks ago(the back)

Entering on Independence Avenue, a path that leads toward the memorial

A walk along the Tidal Basin to the front

The front entrance
From the Tidal Basin

Not sure about the resemblance (?)

Nicely landscaped and quotes are etched in to stone walls

The fence is still up but it did not deter folks from capturing memorable views

In good company

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