Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Year Anniversary & Tasty Kabob

This week marks my fifth year anniversary at the Library. Time flies. To celebrate the event, one of my colleagues and best friend took me out to lunch. It was a real treat. My mother often said that things happen for a reason, and this person is one of those things that happened for a reason. We have enjoyed our time together both at work and outside of work, including some very interesting international travel. She has a real talent to make you laugh. On the way to the restaurant, we came across the green Tasty Kabob food truck parked right across the street from one of the Library's entrances. This was the biggest food truck I think I've seen. There were several people in line... we were wondering how they are licensed, etc. It is a new thing in DC, and some new regulations are being considered. We both love kabob, and are looking forward to a new "Moby Dick" that is scheduled to arrive in the neighborhood soon. That's one thing we all like about Washington- the huge variety of restaurants, venues, and take-outs. Yum!
A really big truck

The last time I saw one of these was in Arlington

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  1. I would rate this 10 out of 10! I love the food and the service is great. I just wish they had this service in Centreville, VA everyDAY! I would be there continously!