Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Navy Yard

Along the Anacostia River the Navy Yard is located. It's been there for quite some time - it is the US Navy's oldest shore establishment, in operation since the first decade of the 19th century and is home to the Chief of Naval Operarations. I think John Wilkes Booth rode over a bridge around this area in to Virginia on a long ago April evening. The boardwalk was opened along the river a few months ago. While at the concert on Friday evening, we walked along it. An old ship is in port for tours and such, along with a swift boat that is on display from the Viet Nam era. We used to climb aboard all the ships my Dad was stationed on during his 21 years in the Coast Guard. That huge grey steel hulking mass reminded me of those times. I think every city with a waterfront welcomes military and other ships for the common folk to explore. There's something about gazing towards the horizon and hoping to reach it one day... I never had that desire to reach it, but it's a good thing so many other folks did.
A walk along the waterfront

Display ship Barry

The front gate along M Street

Always a check point

The gated community behind the brick wall

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