Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fire Alarm

We had just settled down to a meeting, when 10 minutes in to it, the fire alarm went off. That means we all had to evacuate the building as soon as possible. Because the 6th floor is closed for cafeteria renovation, I thought for sure it had something to do with that. So we all made our way down four flights of stairs and outside to our appointed areas, checked in so we would all be accounted for, and waited for the "all clear." The last time we had a fire alarm it was very cold and windy, and we sought refuge in the House Office Building. Today, it was about 95 degrees, and comfortable under the shade until the waiting time got to be longer than expected. Once the all clear was finally given, I went back to the entryway, but decided to walk home for lunch instead of fighting the crowd to get back in. There's not much of a problem getting out of the building, but to get back in, each and every one needs to go through security again. By the time I would have gotten back up to the office, it would have been time to go home for lunch anyway. I'm so glad I live so close! And the reason for the alarm? Someone accidentally tripped the switch. Time in lost productivity? The number of employees x hours outside x average salary.....not cheap.

Waiting to get checked in

Going back to the salt mine after the "all clear"

Employees are scattered as far as two blocks away

The streets are blocked off
Don't feel like fighting the crowd to get back in

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