Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yards Park Concert

To compete with the military band concerts held on the Capitol steps is the Yards Park concerts that are held every Friday night during the summer along the Anacostia River. The concerts are free and open to the public. It's been so hot these last few weeks that we didn't feel like going to either. But last night we walked over to the waterfront, and enjoyed the scenery, the music, and the summer evening. This new development is located between the Nationals baseball stadium and the Navy Yard. It reminds of the Calatrava "bird" sculpture/art museum on Lake Michigan- with the modern design. The gardens are lovely, there's a dog park, and a great atmosphere has been created along the waterfront.
Feels like space mountain

Dude's food has a line of customers

A water park for the kids

Newly landscaped

A relaxing Friday evening

Several levels to hang out, or dock your boat

Modern design

An interesting bridge of sorts

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