Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Did the Grandsons React to G's News?

I let both of the grandsons know that my little Betta fish died this past weekend. The fish was brought to life in a little story I wrote about him and the difficulties he faced - and both of the grandsons were a part of the story. They each received a personally illustrated version of the book. Upon hearing the news, the grandson in California knelt down and said a prayer and hoped that G would like being in heaven. The grandson here said he was very sorry and told me I could help myself to his Dad's fish pond and get another one. It is interesting to see how kids respond to this kind of news. I still find myself thinking I need to do something- like feed the fish, or change the water - and I keep looking over to the corner of the house where the bowl sat in front of the window on its glass pedestal. And I'm a little grumpier than usual. I do miss him, even though he was half the size of my pinky finger. And that kind of feeling just takes time to go away and doesn't change regardless of where you live.
G in heaven

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