Saturday, December 17, 2011

Capitol Christmas Tree

The Capitol Christmas tree was delivered to the West Lawn around Thanksgiving, and the lighting ceremony took place at the beginning of the month. But I have not had a chance to see it since we were out of town last week, and simply have not taken our usual walk in that direction. My husband walks by it every day, but doesn't really notice "things." He's a people watcher, so these things don't mean a whole lot. So this afternoon I insisted that we drive by it on the way home. Too bad the lights had not come on yet! That means I'll need to go back out sometime between now and Christmas to see how it really looks. I feel like I am way behind this year getting things done for the holidays. So, I'll just have to take a deep breath and calm down- long enough to enjoy the marvelous view even without the lights.
It looks a lot bigger in person!


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