Friday, December 9, 2011

Mickey Mantle and More

I was digging through some old stuff and came across the famous
baseball. So I took photos of the signatures and sent them to my
baseball frenzied eight year old grandson who lives down the street
from us in DC. This baseball belongs to my brother who was actually
drafted by the Orioles out of high school in the early 70's as a left
handed pitcher. What I remember is going to a lot of his baseball
games and he and my Dad going to all the Spring training camps as the
Cardinals are based in St. Petersburg. I keep threatening to steal
this ball, but it does not belong to me. But I know it would make one
little boy very happy. So for now he'll at least get to see what it
looks like. And I know he has all the baseball cards to match. Wonder
what something like this is worth today?

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