Sunday, December 25, 2011

LIT's Turducken

It started yesterday when my husband went to pick up the pre-orderd parts of the turducken at Eastern Market. When he brought it home, we made up the brine in a huge zip lock bag, and dumped the de-boned turkey, duck, and chicken in to the bag and struggled to get it all in to the refrigerator to remain overnight. Last night we made the cornbread that went into the dressing this morning. Then the hard part started- actually preparing the birds layer by layer. It was like a three ring circus getting all the pieces to fit. Our dear friend documented the whole spectacle in videos and pictures - better ones to follow! Finally the skewers were placed, and it was sewn up to perfection using surgeon skills. It finally made it in to the oven, where it will sit over the next 3 hours. Then it will be taken down the street to our son's HUGE neighborhood open house, where it will be devoured within seconds.
Was sitting in the brine over night- now it's ready to prepare

Tying up the thighs and legs
Ready to hit the 500 degree oven!

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