Friday, December 9, 2011

Hard Rock Lucky Day?

We never go to casinos, but every time we go to Florida, we go with my
mother who makes it a part of her routine schedule to socialize and
get out of the house. We go to keep her company, and on this day had a
great opportunity to help her spend a part of the one million points
that she had won earlier last month. The catalog can only be viewed on
line and not on an ipad. So we did our best to pick out a few things -
with the help of the casino staff - for the neighbors who are so very
good to her. We got a nice grill with accessories, a microwave, and a
vacuum cleaner. And she has 18 months to use up the rest of a whole
lot of points. I love my ipad but get annoyed when I'm limited by the
Internet content. But when I get back to DC I can look this stuff up
online there and help her with the rest of the purchases. The most
frequent things I hear about my mother from anyone I meet is that she
is so nice and very generous. And finally she has a neighbor who meets
her match and gives me peace of mind because we live so far away. And
she deserves it after all these years.

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