Friday, December 2, 2011

Subaru Forester Recall

We don't use our car very much. In fact, we hardly use it at all. Compared to Milwaukee, we had two cars that were used every day, needed to be filled with gas every week, and we could not get anywhere without one. And, they were in the shop all the time for whatever. But getting to and from the shop was very different than here. As long as the car doesn't need to stay overnight, my husband drives it over to Virginia near Mount Vernon, stays for the duration, then comes back home. And luckily we have not needed to get it there as often. But a couple days ago we got a dreaded recall notice about some part that could be rusty if the vehicle lived in the snow belt. And of course, it did for at least a couple years before we moved here. So, my husband did drive it over yesterday, but needed to take the metro train back because the car had to stay over night. The dealer picked him up at the metro station once he got there this afternoon. Now he is stuck in the traditionally horrible Friday afternoon traffic (during rush hour) trying to get home. I don't think it matters where you live. Having a car is a pain.
We got a letter this week to bring the car in

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