Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Capitol

Our nine year old grandson is visiting from California and the best place to take him on a very cold, windy and rainy day is the Capitol. And the best way to reach it is underground through the tunnels. So we walked over to the Library of Congress and walked through the tunnel over to the Capitol Visitor Center. We had to pass the security check point twice. It was busy, but nothing like we see in summer and during the school year with busloads of kids. So we got a bite to eat first, then easily got passes for the tour. I always wear my Library ID whenever we visit these places because it is easier to pass through security and it's just a good idea. We got in line, watched the movie, and started the tour with Doug. While in the old Supreme Court Room, where Thomas Jefferson was sworn in as president x 2, we saw our neighbor, who is a guide, and took her picture. I always love visiting he Capitol because it really is a remarkable place, and so much has happened there. During the Civil War, they made bread in the basement. We were all definitely tired by the end, and headed back through the tunnel to the Library, checked the Gutenberg Bible, the real Jefferson Library filled with his books, and the first map of the US from 1507. Then we stopped by my office, and made our way home- just 2 blocks away. And THAT was the best part! I'm not sure how much our grandson will remember, but I know I never forgot visiting this place when I was just six years old.
The "mold" of Freedom, who sits atop the dome

The old Supreme Court Room deep within the Capitol

The Dome

In the Rotunda

Statuary Hall

Our guide Doug

Looks like the Library of Congress!

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