Monday, December 19, 2011

The Veterans History Project

It seems fitting that this should be the subject following the digital publication of my book "The Four Promises." That story is about the important instructions a child is reminded to think about when his Dad is gone for a tour of duty. We come from a military family in that my father was in the Coast Guard for 21 years, and served in WWII on a destroyer escort. My mother was in the Navy. Our son is in the Army, serving as a cardiac surgeon. Regardless of the time, place, country, or century, the story of separation from family remains the same. The Library of Congress has a program for documenting personal perspectives of all these events. The Veterans History Project seeks real life story telling of military events. Both my parents have extensive photo albums that track their experiences over time. I can't tell you how often we paged those albums. Families are greatly affected by these events, and it is a great way to preserve these memories. I always loved to read the letters written during the Civil War about home and managing every day life. Some things never change.

I pass by this poster during my afternoon walk

From the Library of Congress Gazette this month

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