Saturday, December 24, 2011

Old Town Alexandria Christmas

Alexandria is my favorite neighborhood and I try to find excuses to go there as often as possible. We went out for brunch this afternoon with our dear friend, and afterwards, took a tour of Old Town to check out the Christmas decorations. The decor is typically very traditional of the time and very pretty. There remain a few original cobblestone streets, which are not very good for your car! Imagine how it was riding on them in a horse and buggy! The gas lights add some additional ambiance. George Washington worshipped in the Church here, and General Lee's boyhood home is here. I'm sure it would all be even prettier in the evening, so we'll probably come back and visit within the next week. We actually stayed in Old Town at Christmas time about 15 years ago. I knew then that we might end up somewhere around here - and we did.


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