Thursday, December 15, 2011

Never Enough Batteries

Being in a small place, one needs to be creative during the holiday season. We have no space for a Christmas tree, so I try to improvise. In Milwaukee, I had three little trees in three different rooms, and did a lot of greens in the window boxes. It took a very long time to get everything up, and a long time to take it all down. But here, there is a perfectly sized garland that is placed in front of the television. And a wreath that hangs from one of the pipes that pops out of the wall. In front of each window an ornament hangs, and a small vase holds fresh greens. The little wooden birds above the refrigerator all have scarves with fresh greens and berries attached. Magnolia branches hug the picture frames and pictures of Christmas past are placed on the Hill Rag wall, with glass icicles. All Santa Claus photos from our day, the kids, and the grand kids are hanging on the refrigerator with hand made ornaments. There are just three strings of lights that require 4 batteries each. And wouldn't you know, I had only three batteries that worked, and could not light a one. So my husband went out today and got two big packages of AA batteries- enough to last us to the new year. It's just not quite the same without the lights. And tonight, it looks and smells like Christmas.
Two packs that I hope will last until New Year

Just the right length and nicely lighted


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