Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Edward Scissorhands He Is Not

Before Christmas, someone decided to saw off the hedge that sits on the city land next to our building. But, as is typical, whoever did it only trimmed/sawed off half of the length. Yesterday, they came back and trimmed off the rest... but the results are brutal. If the trimming had been done with a little more consistency, there would be more leaves than limbs. These things are never done all in one session, so this morning someone was hacking off the limbs on the hedge across from the one that was just completed. But they were only trimming branches along the sides. However, when I came home for lunch this afternoon, it looks as though there may be an attempt to also trim/hack off this hedge too. It only makes sense because it would match the other side. But I'm not holding my breath as long as the city is in charge.
It looks like they might be starting to cut the other side

The hedge on the right is very short now, and the one on the left is not

All branches and no leaves

It really is a good idea to trim things once every 10 years!

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