Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freddy Kreuger- not Edward Scissorhands

On the west side of the building is a triangular patch of land that belongs to the city. On the very end of the triangle, there is a lovely garden maintained by some ladies who live across the street. On either side of the triangle are holly bush hedges that are the homes of many birds. As you approach he hedge, the birds are silenced, only to resume their chatter once you pass by. And the blossoms smell so sweet when they are in season. When I came home for lunch this afternoon, something drastic happened. It looked like Freddy Krueger was let lose on the hedge. On one side only, it was cut in half- but only along half the length. And the line of cutting was not parallel to the ground. It looked as though someone started the project and suddenly stopped it- maybe because they cut off a finger? I did not notice any blood, but did see all the branches that were cut down still scattered about on the ground. Since it is such a mess, I am certain this is the city's doing. And whatever the plan is will take several days to complete - so it will stay a mess for awhile. I feel the worst for all the birds who have lost their winter homes. Any thoughtful homeowner would never do such a thing. When we need the city to cut the grass in the summer, they never show up. Why on earth would they do this? Because it makes no sense at all.
A half- "a" job

why only half the length?

More branches than leaves and berries

An ugly mess

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