Monday, December 26, 2011

DC Bound

After the last two days preparing the Turducken and running around like the rest of the world, we had one final errand to run last evening. Our nine year old grandson was flying alone from California LAX to DC. We had to be sure all the documentation was in order, and started to track his flight as soon as the plane took off. I'm not sure what we would have done without our dear friend - who dropped us off at the baggage claim area, parked our car so we could get to the office on time to pick up the passes to get through security, kept us company until he arrived, and took some memorable pictures. Because it was after hours, the airport was really quiet. There were several snafus along the way, but luckily he arrived in one piece, was able to meet the guests who were still at our son's house just down the street, ended up staying with his cousin overnight, and is off doing who knows what today. We may never hear from him again until the day he goes back! It reminds me of the times I got to fly to Boston from Florida to visit with my cousin, and we have maintained a long lasting relationship since we were their age. I hope that happens to them too. We are doing absolutely nothing today, and it feels great!
Washington Airport terminal on Christmas Day

The flight was ahead of schedule

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