Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Pie Truck

The neighborhood is really quiet at this time of the year. It doesn't seem like anyone is at work. When I left this evening, every single light in the Cannon House Office Building was on. It looked odd, as most people are winding down for the year. I'm used to working in 24 hour operations where people are  working all hours of the day and night 365 days a year. Anyway, throughout the week there are usually food trucks that travel around and park near the curb somewhere between where we live and the Library. I've seen the Kabob and Lobster trucks, the cupcake truck, and the cheese truck. But this was a new one- a Pie truck, using the geometrical (?) rendering (3.14) as a symbol to illustrate the "pie." Obviously it had nothing to do with the geometry, except to grab attention. And there they all were, standing around waiting for it to open. I passed by it on my way home from work, and it was still open when I went back. The vehicles serve as a alternate to the usual fare, and appear to get a lot of business. I still don't think the restaurants appreciate them, but all is fair in love and war - especially in this neighborhood.
There it is up there on the left

Some sort of specialty pizza

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