Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Street Repairs - Again!

We have been back in town for two days and already it feels like home. The road construction that started a couple weeks ago ended about two weeks after it was supposed to. This morning, the crew was back out again digging up in the same place it just finished. Nothing ever seems to be done right the first time around. I don't know how long this portion of the re-work will take, but it prevents neighbors from parking, creates a lot of noise during the day, and is a general nuisance. I also noticed a ladder on the roof of the building that was just completed across the street. I'm sure there is another leak or problem of some sort. This is a city of reaction rather than pro action- only fix something after it breaks. Oh yes, a door was slammed in my face as I left the building on my way home from work. Welcome home!
There they are again in the same place they were a couple weeks ago

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