Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bike Placement that Optimizes Space

I've heard that in some offices, standing at your computer makes for good exercise. Or, perhaps sitting on a big ball in front of your desk makes you move around more. I'm not for that sort of thing. I prefer my afternoon walks, and trekking back and forth to work - and home for lunch -during the week. My iPad is just the right device to use at home because I can just sit on the couch and use it without any fuss. But once in awhile, I need to get at the laptop for files, etc. Before we got the recumbent bike last week, there was a hydraulic chair in front of the computer stand. After we put the bike together (see the blog "Time to Exercise" from last week) the bike was sitting in the walk space in our tiny apartment. The idea came to me that I could combine the bike with the computer desk in to a single space and it can now serve two purposes. In the event we need to use the laptop, there is a seat for it. But more importantly, when I use the bike every evening, it is in the perfect position behind the couch with a clear view to the TV. That makes the time fly by and it looks like it actually belongs there. My laptop is six years old and can only work if it's plugged in, which limits the mobility. So the next decision will be to find a replacement when it finally bites the dust. Maybe a new Surface tablet? I think I'll still use the computer stand, which is far better than the huge desk and office we had for the desktop in Milwaukee. As for the hydraulic chair? It's in the kitchen for me to sit on while I watch my husband cook.

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