Sunday, September 16, 2012

The 3,000 Mile Shoes

It's like pulling teeth to get my husband to buy a new pair of shoes. We left a lot of things behind in Milwaukee when we moved, including heavy duty snow boots. But the walking shoes followed us here. The one thing my husband does with a great deal of enthusiasm is walk. He's been walking since he retired 12 years ago. In Milwaukee, he strolled along Grant Park by Lake Michigan. Here, in the morning, he walks me to work at the Library, then keeps going all the way to 14th Street and back, which is about 4 miles. If you figure 4 miles every day X 200 days per year = 800 miles. He's had these shoes for four years, so you could reasonably estimate 3200 miles. These Avia shoes probably bit the dust at the 1500 mile mark, but he kept going with them. If the sole fell off, he glued it back on. If the shoe laces wore out, he found some replacements. If there was a hole, he would sew it up. So today, he finally gave up once I took a good look at them, and found some replacements. Let's see if these will pass the test. I'll check back with him in another four years.

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