Friday, September 21, 2012

The Duck. Boats

As summer draws to a close, there will be less and less duck boat sightings. It is a very popular way to see the city on land and in the water. They can be boarded at Union Station and they actually dive in to the River at Gravelly Point near Reagan Airport off the George Washington Parkway. My husband says we will get on the boat about the same time we get the Mini Cooper I like so much. Neither one will ever happen, so I will continue to take photos of both and admire them from afar. Many, many years ago we actually did ride in the duck boat at the Wisconsin Dells. None of us knew any better. And one summer in Boston, there was another opportunity thwarted. As for the mini, the diehard Subaru Forester will be the automobile if choice. It's simply more versatile for every day living and can tolerate just about any kind of weather condition. We have never owned a car so long. Nevertheless, the duck boat reminds me of summer - which sadly ends far too soon.

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