Saturday, September 22, 2012

Police & Canines for Smash Racism, Aryans, Barrack's Row, Motorcade

Coming home to Capitol Hill from Tyson's along Independence Avenue was unusual at best. I knew about the Library of Congress Book Festival on the Mall near 14th Street, which contributed to a huge bottleneck. We are planning to check it out tomorrow when it cools down. I feel a commitment to show up since I work at the Library. Folks with pink Book Festival satchels were seen carrying their goodies all over the city. But the police presence was intense. The Aryans were kept in check on the Capitol grounds with the civil disturbance unit and canines out in full force. In front of the Supreme Court were the Smash Racism participants. Along the House Office Buildings were police standing a few feet apart in anticipation of something. We were the last car to pass before a barricade went up to allow for a HUGE and very noisy motorcade to travel up Pennsylvania Avenue. It included a bus and an untold number of motorcycles. The streets were all blocked off at Barrack's Row for the Fall Festival, making it impossible to travel directly to our house. We were trapped in our own neighborhood. My husband said we would really miss all this if we ever moved, which is why I have a feeling we never will.

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