Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Something You Don't Want to See

It's never a good sign when there is a plumber truck parked not only behind your house but also in front of it. Luckily, it was not our problem this time. But we have had our share of visits. This place was built around 1890, so you can imagine things are bound to go awry. Someone else in our building was in need of attention. And also just down the street at one of the old homesteads was the kind of thing stories are made from. Since we live in historic Capitol Hill, the pipes of all these equally historic buildings are the original works of art. I don't believe I ever heard of terra cotta pipes... Just terra cotta pots that are used for my flowers on the patio. For some unfortunate fellow, those old terra cotta pipes were exploding with tree roots that were bigger than me. It was the most disgusting scene. The brick patio had to be wrecked to get to the pipes; the pipes needed to be replaced with PVC; and the patio had to be put back together when all was said and done. And you know it wasn't cheap. At least if we have these kinds of problems we have a back up plan. Our family members can come over here, and we can go over there...just as long as we are not all out of luck at the same time. In Milwaukee we had the kind of neighbors that we could rely on to do the same. And what a difference that makes. The only thing I don't get is the laissez faire attitude here - like you should just expect it. I'm in to preventative maintenance. But it is obvious this city is not.

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