Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thanks DC Blogs

It's always a very pleasant surprise to find a personal blog entry that gets noted on the DC Blogs website. I was lucky enough to have one noted today. It's about the classified ad I made and placed in the Hill Rag for my digital art. I was also lucky to have another one mentioned in August about what goes on on the rooftops around town. Just across the street is the newly renovated Truckers Association. The parties have resumed at this site now that the summer break is over. Yesterday, Bullfeathers - just down the street- had a private event for the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce. Today a huge truck that caters barbecue was unloading over lunch time at the Truckers place. There was an event this afternoon for Jones for Congress, and this evening is a PAC reception. All the large black SUV's and secret service abound. I was almost run over by the enthusiastic driver. Along the side of and on the top of the building is a place for parties... We can see the umbrellas unfurled and the heads of the servers popping up and down. I'm just glad we can't hear anything. Thanks DC Blogs. I can't help but observe these types of things and am very happy you noticed! Now, can I sketch that for you?

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