Monday, September 24, 2012

Mobile Turkish House

It is not unusual to see food trucks around town. Tasty Kabob seems to be in our neighborhood the most. We have never tried any of them, but they seem to be a big hit with the lunch crowd. I am in a great position to be able to walk home from work for lunch and much prefer that to depending on fast food or routine restaurants. Yesterday on our walk to the Mall, we spotted a different kind of truck that was parked in front of the American Indian Museum. But it was not for food, it was for coffee. And it was free. The Mobile Turkish House must have something up it's sleeve as this is a nifty advertisement for drink. A young woman with an apron and a tray of coffee cups was circulating along the sidewalk distributing coffee. My husband loves coffee, but it all tastes the same to me. When we came back home after the National Book Festival, we took our usual route. And there it was again - the Mobile Turkish House was parked in front of Bullfeathers. It was funny to see it once, but to see it again was coincidental. I guess even they need to have lunch, but Tasty Kabob was nowhere in sight.

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