Friday, September 28, 2012

Mr. Obama Is Two Blocks Away

Winding our way past the House Office Buildings down Washington Avenue towards home, I noticed an extraordinary number of police vehicles and motorcycles. I thought it was change of shift because it was 2:30 PM until I saw that all the streets were blocked off heading in the opposite direction. We were passing by the National Democratic Headquarters, as we usually do. My husband and I both decided someone of importance must be inside the building. We made a lot of guesses. Then we came home, and I checked the internet to see what might be happening there today. What I learned was that Mr. Obama has been using the site for debate preparation. I'm not sure how long he was there in total, but everything cleared out by 3:30. I only know this because I could see one of the many police cars from our front window. It just seems funny to know that I can look out my front window or step outside the rear of my building and know that the President of the United States was just two blocks away. I know that would never have happened in Milwaukee.

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