Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hill Rag Classified Ad

I love the Hill Rag. So much so that I finally put an ad in it to advertise my hobby of creating digital paintings of just about anything. It will run for three months. Though the ad shows a dog and a cat, I can work up all kinds of scenes, buildings, and animals. I have had such positive feedback on the art I create. I have two items currently on exhibit in the Library of Congress on the sixth floor of the Madison Building and another two items showing at the Clara Barton National Historic Site in Glen Echo. I just set up a shop on Etsy, have a Facebook page called LITs Digital Art and Such, and my own website ( that was put together with the help of a really nice person I met at the Library. This love of art was reignited when the IPad came around, as it allows me to do virtual watercolor and pastels without the mess. Please take a look around at my sites. I'd love to do something for you! As for the Hill Rag, it's hanging in our TV room as wall art. I would love to have a feature grace the cover on that, but so do a million others.

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