Friday, September 14, 2012

George Washington Townhouse in Alexandria

On Cameron Street in Old Town Alexandria sits a replica of George Washington's townhouse. We have passed by this place many times, but never paid much attention to it. On closer inspection, we found that it is the actual spot that the original townhouse stood. The foundation is the same, but the rest was remade in 1960 using materials on the site. In between the houses are iron gated tiny entrances that take you down a path to the glorious gardens in the rear. Being a replica somehow creates a less impressive site, but knowing that GW walked these streets makes up for it. He apparently used this place as an office, but also to stay in the event he could not make it all the way to Mount Vernon, which is about ten miles further down on the George Washington Parkway. I wonder what the name of the road was back then? This is the street we like to park whenever we visit Old Town because it is residential, two hours, non pay, and only a block or two away from King Street. We had lunch in Old Town this afternoon and picked up some junk at the CVS, then walked back to our car which was parked by this historic site. But then, just about everything in Old Town is historic - which is why I like it so much.

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