Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time to Exercise

It seems that food is getting tastier the older I get, and with that comes the unwanted pounds. In the cold arctic of Wisconsin, I had a sort of treadmill that was in the TV room. I used it every day because I did not care to walk in the ice and snow. We didn't bring it with us here because we just didn't have the space. But I was inspired by my sister who has been biking 20 miles indoors every day for the last couple of years and she looks great! I would never ride a bike on the street in DC because I value my life. I used to ride one in college on the sprawling Florida State campus, but that was for a completely different reason. So we decided it was time to try a stationary foldable recumbent bike, and just make the space for it. I researched and decided the Exerpeutic 300SR would do the trick. Even though I walk to and from work and come home for lunch, and walk one and a half miles in the afternoon in the hallways, it's a good idea to keep moving on the non work days. And of course, if it's in front of the TV, it's a no brainer. The forty pound box arrived by UPS yesterday and my husband and I set to work getting it assembled. It took about an hour and a half, and even has a little computer that tells me all the important stats. I gave it a test drive with moderate tension for fifteen minutes and woke up this morning feeling it. If we have guests, we can fold it up and move it out of the way. But I have a feeling they may want to use it too.

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