Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Peach Tree

Our vegetable garden did not do very well this year. But we did get a few tomatoes and cucumbers. The eggplant is still growing, but didn't produce one eggplant! Behind our building lives a neighbor who maintains the corner garden that is on city property, but kept up by her to make things look nice. And it really looks nice, thanks to her. I think she is a retired general. The city garden mirrors her garden that is also meticulously updated and cared for. I had not noticed that she has a peach tree, or what looks to be a peach tree, on the side of her lot. I'm not certain that the fruit is good enough to eat, but it looks fairly decent. We had apple trees in our yard in Milwaukee. The deer loved them. In fact, the deer hunters we knew used to collect all the apples that had fallen to use for their purposes. I never quite got that, but it is a BIG thing in Wisconsin. We had orange and grapefruit trees in our backyard in Florida. I always take an apple or nectarine, or peach to work after lunch. Our neighbor's plant/tree reminded me that just about anything grows around here. With the price of groceries these days, growing anything sounds like a great idea.

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