Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moms and Babies And A Ten Year Milestone

There is no better way to see how quickly time passes than to witness children around you growing up. In my case, today is my grandson's 10th birthday. That is somewhat of a milestone. I'm trying to recall what was going on ten years ago. We still lived in Milwaukee, I was working at the corporate office of a very large health care system, and I was 10 years younger. It is true that when you are young you want to be older. I still don't mind the age I am, but wish I was more conscious of how grateful one needs to be to have good health. Every little ache and pain and pill reminds one of getting older too. But, as a way to celebrate those early years is a collection of mom and baby art. All of the paintings have a special meaning for me. It's interesting to see how the little ones change from year to year. Wonder how they will be ten years from now?

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