Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, or Michelin

One could argue that you need not spend a lot of money on shoes. Since I have a very large foot, most of my life it was not a matter of what would I would like, but rather, what do you have in my size? And the options were generally bleak. And I learned quickly to get whatever fit sooner then later because it never failed to be gone if I waited too long. These days it is so much better, and I have found that Cole Haan generally meets the need. My first pair was bought on Michigan Avenue in Chicago many years ago. And they all last forever. Since then, I've had a very cozy relationship with Cole Haan. The silver ballet slippers I bought about two years ago are beginning to wear down. They have Nike insoles, and were worn in Copenhagen and lasted two summers. When my husband finally replaced his 3,000 mile walking shoes at DSW, I looked to see if there was anything around that could remotely replace the ballets. I found a pair from Kenneth Cole that had the same general features, and were significantly less expensive. Turns out they are no where near the comfort of Cole Haan and quite flimsy. But they are probably a lot better than what my husband had as a child in Iran. His dad took he and his brother shoe shopping, and ended up buying them both a pair of shoes made from tires, that were grossly glued together with more rubber by a sidewalk cobbler. When they got home, Mom came to the rescue and threw them all out of the house and made them return the footwear, only to buy a regular pair at a regular store. In the end, there is something to say about you get what you pay for no matter where you live.

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