Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Great Etsy Customer and Feedback

You never know who might request a custom painting. I have an Etsy Shop that specializes in custom digital art. My favorite requests are of the furry kind - dogs and cats. Julie wanted a painting of her Westie. Then she challenged me with three more that had little to do with animals and more about people. Each painting was as interesting and fun to do as the Westie. Much of what I paint are personal gifts requested for friends and family members. I love the photos the customer sends me of how the jpeg file is finally used.  The reactions expressed by the intended recipients are so heartfelt. It is very encouraging to receive such positive feedback when the work is done. A lot of my art is hanging on a gallery wall of sorts at the Wagtime Shop on Capitol Hill. Lisa Schreiber, the owner, has so kindly provided the space. I'd be very interested to hear your feedback if you ever happen to be in town. Or just check my Etsy Shop - LITDigitalPaintings.  

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