Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Greetings From Minnesota

We always went to the State Fair in Wisconsin. We loved the corn on the cob, the carnival atmosphere of the midway, and best of all the animals. Since I did not grow up anywhere near a farm, I really liked seeing the cows, horses, bunnies, goats, and sheep up close. Ours also had pig races. It was always held in August, so it was always warm and the last event before school started. Of course, cheese and cream puffs were unavoidable in the dairy state food selections. A postcard arrived yesterday in the mail from a friend of ours, who hails from Minnesota. She happens the be visiting there now for a couple of weeks. It is unusual to get any kind of handwritten mail these days, but I wasn't surprised to see that this card was from her. And where do you think she was? At the Minnesota State Fair, checking out all the above. Either we missed them, or we just aren't paying attention, but I'm hard pressed to find anything quite like it here.  

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