Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Gear Glow Blue

The little flashlight bulb burned out the other day.  That necessitated a prompt replacement because a small flashlight is a necessity in our small house to see all the small crevices and such. We needed to visit Staples to replace my printer's ink supply anyway - the one used to print my dog and cat portraits that hang on my gallery wall at the Wagtime Shop. It's probably the only thing we use the printer for! We thought there would be plenty of selections at Staples for a flashlight. Well, this Life Gear Glow stick was about the only thing they had. And because we weren't planning to run around in search of a more traditional light, we got this one. It turns out it does have a battery replacement, and it glows blue, and it flashes, and it even has a whistle. Oh, and it also shines a light. I'm not sure when we might use the whistle, but it is amazing what you can get for $4.99. It's hard to find something that does just one thing. Obviously, someone thought this was a good idea. 

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