Sunday, August 18, 2013

U-Haul's and Centipedes

August must be the time of year to move. I'm not sure if that applies universally or just in this neighborhood. Yesterday a renter and her parents were moving all the junk from her efficiency apartment in to a U-Haul truck in the circle drive in front of our condo. Today they retuned with the family car to collect the rest. It's hard to believe so much stuff fits in such a tiny space. Behind our unit were two more groups of people packing up their life's treasures and filling U-Hauls of varying shapes and sizes. And just down the street was another large vehicle. And within a few days, more U-Hauls will pull up to empty the contents in to their new homes.  I always wonder what the occasion is and what the next step is... Something bigger, smaller, out of state? What life event motivated this change? What I do know is that anytime someone moves in and out, it disturbs the insects and critters that live in and around the building. Keeping the doors open for long periods of time allows for free access.  This week it was the centipedes that appeared with more frequency in the hallways than usual. Time for the bug man. Let's hope that's as bad as it gets. 

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