Friday, August 2, 2013

A Sidewalk Repair Project

Enough folks around the neighborhood must have experienced and complained about an unpleasant engagement with the sidewalks. Because of the trees that grace the paths, many of the brick and cement walks have been upended by the huge root systems. If you don't look down, or if you have your phone in your ear and are not paying attention, there are still plenty of opportunities to talk a spill, along with a very embarrassing situation. In searching for some of the more memorable spots today, it became clear that something was afoot. A lot of repairmen were at work tearing up, replacing, and refitting the brick on the most obnoxious spots. I've always thought that as long as you are nimble enough, have good eyesight, and can get around without any assistive device, it's a lot easier to navigate these nuisances. If you do need some help getting around, or can't see the side of a barn door, having a smooth sidewalk certainly helps! 

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