Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shahnameh Delivered to the UK

We had copies of the newly illustrated version of Hamid Rahmanian's Shahnameh, the Epic of the Persian Kings, signed and sealed by the illustrator when he presented the book at The Library of Congress.  Each of our grandsons received a copy as a Persian New Year moment to treasure. I'm not a book buyer, but this one is a masterpiece just to look at. I could identify with the hours of work Hamid spent creating the  paintings to get each one of them "just right." So we thought it would be a really nice way to thank our hosts in England for putting up with us last month. Yes, there are many other versions of this timeless story circulating out there, but none such as this. I was thrilled to see it reached their doorstep today. As great as this book is, the next delivery will be an even bigger surprise! Stay tuned!

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