Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Suspicious Car Trunk Left Open

I saw one of our neighbors coming in to the house with her arms full of grocery bags. I also noticed that a car trunk was left open on a car parked on the street.  She may have been the one to leave the trunk of her car open - but I didn't know if it was her car. So I sent her an email to let her know, just in case. Living on Capitol Hill, there are police circulating the neighborhood on foot, bicycle, and car. Before I finished the email, a policeman was at the door talking to someone on the speaker. Obviously he looked up the license plate and called her. When he left, he closed her trunk. Later in the afternoon I got a thank you note from the neighbor acknowledging that it indeed was her car. When you live on the first floor you see and observe a lot of things. I wasn't surprised that the police were immediately checking it out, but also liked the idea of helping out someone. You just can't ignore it - at least we can't. It's a Midwest thing. 

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